In the beginning ...

Why did I start Christian Singles Connect???

The short answer is because God told me to!

That answer in itself opens up a number of questions like: How did God tell me? How do I know it was God and not just my own idea? What makes me think that the King of the universe would speak to me? Why would He be so concerned about a Social Group?

Well hopefully over the next couple of months I can answer all of those questions and heaps more that will come up along the way. I personally have had 2 experiences where I have heard an audible voice that I believe was God speaking; scared the living daylight’s out of me at the time but when I look back I know that I know that it was God. Again, more of that another time.

Back to the original question .. Why did I start Christian Singles Connect?

Back in the beginning of 2013 the argument started. That is the argument between God and me. I had a crazy thought come to me to set up a social group for singles in Perth where people could connect in a safe environment, meet and make new friends and find others who were going through the same things in life… share the crappy day’s and the happy days. My argument with God was because of the fact that I honestly believed that there was not a single person would come to something that I set up. I had been through hell in my life/marriage/divorce and had zero confidence that anyone would actually want to spend time with me. I believed that I couldn’t organise anything that interested anyone else let alone a social group for singles ... that was definitely not on my resume.

Anyway nearly 12 months later and after lots of arguing with God and turning the whole

idea over to Him… telling Him that if this really was His idea then He would have to make it work… I started Perth Christian Singles Social Group.

I had no idea where to contact people so I joined 2 Christian dating sites and contacted

everyone aged 30+. I thought the admin of the dating sites would be on to me soon and be asking me to stop emailing people, but all the RSVP’s started pouring in saying that it was a great idea. To my utter shock 65 people came along to the first event. I can still remember meeting people who I am really good friends with today!

That was back in November 2013 and 6 years later the group is still going strong. When I

picked the name of Perth Christian Singles I honestly believed that no one else was using it and I was totally oblivious to business names. However, it came to light that the name ‘Perth Christian Singles” had been purchased and I needed to change the group name.

Hence we are now Christian Singles Connect and on the move, connecting with more

people, reaching more lives, helping people reach their full potential in God and just maybe having two people find a spark that ignites a relationship with all the goose bumps that comes with new love.

I have never had any intention of setting up a dating site. There are plenty of those already and that has never been my heart. In saying that though, everyone who comes along is single and a few sparks have flown over the years and a few lingering looks have been exchanged.

That makes my heart sing because I know that God’s intention for us is to not do life alone… Genesis 2:18 – God said “ it is not good that man should be alone; I will make him a helper fit for him”.

So .. welcome! I’m so glad you have found us.

I run Christian Singles Connect with a committee who are absolutely totally amazing, and together will be facilitate and organise various event’s throughout the year. We appreciate your input … without you there is no group .. so your idea’s are valuable.

I can be contacted via:

Email –

Web page -

Mobile - 0427773111

Looking forward to doing life with you and seeing what God has got planned for each of us along the way!


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