I'm Pregnant!!

No not me…but these were the words that my beautiful daughter could hardly speak down the phone.  What my daughter didn’t know was that God had been preparing me for this very moment. 

Every couple of months for about 6 years I would hear God say to me … What would you do if your daughter rang you and said that she was pregnant while she was a teenager? How would I react? What would I say?

Well, that day came and I was battle-ready.  Battle ready you say...but your daughter’s pregnant not going to war.  Yes, my daughter was pregnant but there was a battle that was about to start. 

God’s word tells us in Ephesian 6:11 to...put on the whole armor of God…God doesn’t tell us to take it off!! I then looked back in that moment with my phone in my hand and I could see that over the years God had been with me getting me ready for the comment’s people would make to me and with my God-given armor on, the comment’s would bounce off and not affect me.   

Years prior to this event when God was challenging me with what my reactions would be I came across a number of people who were either a teenager who was pregnant or a parent of a pregnant teenager.  Some of their reactions were accepting and accommodating but some were aggressive and damaging.  Parent’s not willing to accept that a little life was being formed outside of their ideal time frame.  Parents thinking that this beautiful little life was going to bring shame and embarrassment to their life.  Parent’s thinking that this was totally out of God’s will. Or daughters thinking that her parents would reject her.  Daughters thinking that God would reject them. 

I can still to this day remember the conversation I had with my beautiful girl.  I took a deep breath and told her that it was going to be ok.  Heartbreaking sobs were all I could hear and everything in me just wanted to hold her and let her know that somehow I could protect her but all I could offer at that moment were words filled with as much love and acceptance that I could pour down the phone. 

I could then see that for the multiple years prior to this event God was preparing me for a major life-changing event…life-changing for everyone…especially my daughter. 

But also life-changing and challenging for me.  I had comment’s made to me like…looks like you failed to teach your kids the right way…what are people at your church going to think of you now...aren’t you ashamed of your kid…you call yourself a Christian!!  And they were comments said to me…I shudder to think of what my daughter had to put up with. 

Some of the comments were said to me by people thinking that they could rile me up… those comments I chose to ignore.  But the comments where I knew the person was not just trying to pick a fight I defended my daughter and her new little family.  Jeremiah 1:5 ...before I formed you in the belly I knew you… God knew my grandbaby was coming before even I was born…so how could I be angry about someone God had been planning since the beginning of time.

At my daughter’s wedding, I can remember the first line of my speech:  “Sometimes life doesn’t turn out the way you expect…it turns out so much better”.  I can remember thinking as a kid that I would never be a mum and I would certainly never be a grandmother.  And yet now I have 4 incredible kids and 9 amazing grandkids!!

Life is going to throw you curve balls.  It’s called life!  And if you don’t get some curve balls thrown in your direction you must not be living.  How are you going to react?  What are you going to say?  And you going into the battle with anger ready to cut the head off the first person who attacks you?  Or are you going into battle prepared to defend yourself, prepared to let some of the attacks hit your armor and glance off…because you know that even though it doesn’t make any sense right here, right now, there is a God in control of the entire universe and He knows your exact circumstances. 

I’ve made some spectacular stuff-ups, got so much in my life wrong … but this one thing I knew I was prepared for.  I had my armor on and I was ready for whatever was thrown at me in this situation.  


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