Go and tell her you love her

When I was about 18 I lived in Waroona with a young family from the local church I was attending.

They lived in a really small 3 bedroom house in town and I can't remember all the reasons, but I ended up living with them. As they had 4 small children I lived in a caravan in the side yard and used the house facilities.

I can remember getting to know this young couple and their young family really well during my time with them. I can still see Carol in her kitchen with her beautiful red hair, long curls falling over her shoulders, running after the 4 little ones while being pregnant with her 5th blessing. I can remember Luke being a big kid himself and enjoying moments on the floor with 4 little ones climbing over him, giving them piggybacks, laughter ringing throughout the house.

I can also remember the day God told me to go and tell Carol I loved her.

Luke had taken a couple of weeks off work and this particular day was the last day of their holiday together. They didn't have much money so they spent time as a family at home during Luke's time off work. This particular day they were all excited heading off to Mandurah to do some shopping.

I had slept through the morning thrills and spills in the kitchen and can remember walking into the kitchen just as the family was all getting into their van.

Then the conversation started ...

"Go and tell Carol you love her"

"I'm not going outside! I'm in my pajama's and dressing gown and the neighbor's will see me!!"

"Go and tell her you love her!"

I heard the back door of the van shut, the kids were all strapped in.

"I'm not going, I will look ridiculous!"

"Go and give Carol a hug and tell her you love her!"

"I'm too late now, the kids are in the car and Luke and Carol are getting in their seats"

I heard the engine start and Luke put the car into reverse.

"Go and give Carol a big hug and tell her you love her ... Run!!! "

"I'm not going out there ... I'm in my pajamas!!!!!!"

I heard the van reverse out of the driveway.

"Seriously will you just go and give Carol and hug and tell her you love her!"

"Seriously I will not, I'm in my pajama's and I'm not going to look like an idiot in my front yard"

I heard the van drive off down the road.

Carol was killed that afternoon.

I can still remember being told about the car accident and all I could think about was how I had not listened to God's still small voice ... mind you, it was a full-on argument from my side that morning. Hot tears ran down my face for hours that night and every single second I kept on playing the morning event's over and over in my head.

Even typing this now I get goosebumps. I learned a very hard lesson that day.

God has spoken to many people in many ways ... in a cloud - Exodus 19:9... in the darkness - Deuteronomy 5:23... in the fire - Deuteronomy 4:33... Call upon the Lord and He will answer - Psalms 91:15... and again... Call upon the Lord and he will answer you - Jeremiah 33:3.

God speaks to me in a still small voice but has also used prophecy and His word.

This day, that is now etched in my memory, was the hard way of me learning that when I hear the still small voice of God telling me to do something, I must do it. It doesn't matter if I'm wearing my pajamas and dressing gown, dressed ready for church or heading off to work.

When God speaks I must answer... I may never get a second chance.


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