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Hi My Name is Jane, I started Christian Singles Connect about 6 years ago after arguing with God for 12 months because I didn't think anyone would come along to something I organised.  I saw a massive gap in church life where every demographic of people i.e. kids, elderly, youth, mums, dad's, were all looked after but the single people over 30 were left out.  Being single myself I could see that there is a massive group of people who have previously been married but now find themselves single and feeling like they don't fit. 


Hence I started Christian Singles Connect.  My first event had 65 people attend and I consistently get 20 - 30 plus at every event now.  I run social events where it's a safe, drug and alcohol free environment for people to connect, get to know each other, make new friends and just do life together. Some events we have recently run include coffee and cake afternoon teas, mystery partner walks, dinners, mini seminars, love languages etc. And for the first time we have a black tie ball planned for the 30th November this year and a singles conference for 2020. 


There is no charge for anyone to join Christian Singles Connect, people just 'like' the Facebook page and come along to any events they are interested in.  This is not a dating site however as everyone is single people can exchange numbers. 


My mission is to connect singles 30+ who are actually single and currently attending a church in a safe, drug and alcohol free environment to meet others and do life together.  


My vision is to hold various events during the year to facilitate singles getting to know others who are at the same stage of life, give them tools to equip them and see them become everything God has planned for them.